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Explore, cultivate and maximise your potential with OWL!


MIT@OWL is branch of The Owl Group Limited, established and registered in Hong Kong in 2013, intended to provide educational services and products .

Our Vision:

God gives each and everyone of us different gifts and potentials. Dr. Howard Gardner suggested in his Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory that human beings have a number of intellectual capacities as distinct from intelligence Quotient (IQ) that people use to measure individual’s intellectual potentials. 

Our vision is to help exploring your potential, cultivating and maximising them. 



上天賜給我們各人不同的恩賜和潛能。正如加納博士(Dr. Howard Gardner)在他的多元智能理論上提出了,我們不應只關注智商(IQ),並用此來衡量個人的智慧和潛能。其實人類有多方面的智能。


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